Kevin Durant Is Flirting With A ‘Sports Illustrated’ Model Like They’re Seventh Graders

If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that Sports Illustrated swimsuit models are a precious gift from god. I was way older than I care to admit when I figured out that magazine is ostensibly about selling swimsuits.

This is Jasmine Sanders. She’s an SI model making her debut in this year’s magazine.

Why am I showing you pictures of Jasmine Sanders, other than the fact that she’s gorgeous? Well, it’s because NBA star Kevin Durant is trying to get all up inside that bikini and he’s doing it in the funniest, most middle school crush way I’ve ever heard. According to FanDuel, Durant has been liking her pictures on Instagram, then unliking them so only she knows that he’s perving on her like that kid whose mom makes him tuna salad for lunch every day.

Durant himself has become a little more savvy about the way he operates on Instagram though. With Sanders, he has been liking¬†pictures and then soon after unliking them. It’s like a digital form of flirting without alerting the neighborhood.

Is it though? Because we’ve been alerted, clearly.

I can see why he likes her. But I find that it’s better to just talk to women as if they’re human beings with interests and things to say instead of being a creepy Instagram stalker. But I guess if you’re in the NBA, doing the things that would be creepy if a¬†barista did them become endearing. It’s weird how being attractive and rich makes you way less creepy.

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