Louis C.K. Wanted Pete Davidson Fired for Smoking Weed Because It Made Him ‘Uncomfortable’

We all know that Louis C.K. has been in hot water over some very problematic behavior. Given how belligerent C.K. can be, it’s hard to believe that there is someone capable of offending him. Apparently, Louis C.K. found SNL‘s Pete Davidson to be an objectional human being.

Davidson spent New Year’s Eve doing a stand-up show in Boston. During his show, Davidson revealed that Louis C.K. tried to get him fired from Saturday Night Live. C.K. hosted the show about five years ago. And according to Davidson, C.K. personally went to executive producer Lorne Michaels just to bitch about him. And what was Pete Davidson’s grave offense? Well, Louis C.K. told Lorne Michaels that Pete Davidson “smokes so much weed that it makes people uncomfortable.”

Wow. That’s all it takes to provoke Louis C.K.? Smoking weed? And his reason was that it made him “uncomfortable?” This is the same guy who only recently thought it was totally okay to mock the survivors of a school shooting. And unleash a racist tirade about Asian people. Yeah, this guy just ejected a huge, steaming pile of s**t out of his mouth, and he wants to talk about being “uncomfortable” because Pete Davidson likes to smoke pot?

If you want to talk about making people “uncomfortable,” Louis C.K., you should go talk to comedian Rebecca Corry and the other women who accused you of sexual misconduct. I think when you decided to strip naked, pull out your ugly dick, and go to town on yourself in front of them, “uncomfortable” would undoubtedly be one word to describe how you made them feel. And that’s the mildest adjective that could be used to describe the sight of Louis C.K. jerking off with his wang in full view.

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4 years ago

Smoking weed gives you butthole eyes. Every photo of pussy Pete should be a warning to all youngsters