Want to Work for Mariah Carey? You Better Like Being Pissed On

Until just now, I would have thought being Mariah Carey’s PA was a good, if not demanding, job. The pay seems great, over $300K a year. The details of what the job entails, as detailed by Buzzfeed after Carey’s former PA filed a lawsuit, make it sound like it isn’t worth it, though.

Included in the allegations filed by Lianna Shakhnazaryan, who also goes by Lianna Azarian, is that Carey’s manager would often yell things at her like “Get that Armenian bitch!” and “Move your fat Armenian ass!” Carey’s then-manager Stella Bulochnikov also allegedly slapped Shakhnazaryan’s breast and on multiple times pushed her to the ground and sat and peed on her.

Shakhnazaryan said Carey was aware of the conduct and also joined in committing physical, emotional, and psychological attacks. She is suing for sexual battery, discrimination, harassment, and wrongful termination.

That is… wow. I need to collect myself here. Late night hosts have spent two years making jokes about a non-existent Donald Trump pee tape when they should have been looking for a Mariah Carey pee tape.

On the bright side for Carey, Shakhnazaryan is an adult so there won’t be a R. Kelly documentary about her on Lifetime.

Mariah Carey filed a lawsuit the previous day alleging that Shakhnazaryan tried to blackmail her with “intimate videos” after being fired by Carey.

After Azarian was terminated for repeatedly not showing up to work, she threatened to release the videos unless Mariah gave her $8 million, according to the lawsuit. However, “Mariah refused to be extorted,” and had no choice but to take legal action, the complaint adds.

In addition to the alleged recordings, Carey said that Azarian “retains a closet full of expensive clothing and handbags that belong to or were paid for by Mariah.”

Carey is asking a judge to declare her the legal owner of the goods and to order Azarian to destroy the videos. She also wants a permanent restraining order preventing Azarian from releasing any footage.

I don’t know who is telling the truth here, but if someone had their manager piss on me, I wouldn’t hesitate to leak their sex tape.

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