Melissa Mccarthy and Food, Name a More Iconic Duo

Award shows always look like really exciting affairs with red carpets, glamorous outfits, and reporters shouting to “Who are you wearing? You look fabulous!” But there has always been one thing about these events that has always bothered me. There’s never any food.

Apparently, there is a dinner served before the ceremonies start, but it’s always cleared away by the time most of the attendees are seated. This is to prevent the cameras from picking up the noises of plates and cutlery but it usually means most people won’t get a chance to eat anything. Well, this year, Melissa McCarthy decided that she was not dealing with this kind of nonsense.

Yep, Melissa McCarthy took matters into her own hands and managed to smuggle 30 ham sandwiches into the ceremony and passed them around to her fellow starving actors.

I’ve never been to an awards show, but I have been to black-tie galas. Yes, we were dressed formally and listened to acceptance speeches, but at least we could always count on having a decent filet with some wine at some point in the evening. It just seems cruel to make all these people sit around in their uncomfortable, formal attire for hours on end listening to all these long speeches and not even give them a goddamn slice of pizza.

Good on Melissa McCarthy for giving these award ceremonies the metaphorical finger for their culinary stinginess. I’m sure her fellow actors were extremely grateful for the pick-me-up. And according to the above Twitter post, Melissa swears that next year she’s bringing hot dogs, which sounds awesome. That makes the thought of sitting through one of these award dinners well worth it just to get a hot dog from Melissa McCarthy.

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