Model Iskra Lawrence Goes Grey, Says She Feels ‘Like Storm From X-Men’

Most people dye their hair to cover their grey hair, but model and all-around stunner Iskra Lawrence dyed her blonde hair grey as part of a campaign for L’oreal and she still looks great.

Lawrence also recently announced she’s in a relationship with Philip Payne after being caught out with him by paparazzi.

They’re such a cute couple. I thought we could have a look back at Iskra’s single, blonde days to celebrate. And keep in mind she doesn’t let any of her photos get retouched, so everything here is 100% Iskra.

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Always smiling #10yearchallenge

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You may have noticed I didn’t post last week on mental health awareness day. This is why… ✨ Even though I support and encourage all conversation around mental health to raise awareness and improve education, having this one day a year and using the hashtag and doing a post is not enough. ✨ Mental illness is part of people’s live 365days a year 24hours of the day. So I’m not saying stop posting on the set days each year but I’m hoping you can continue the conversation and being vocal throughout the year. And I’m not talking about posts online I’m talking about raising awareness within your family, friendship groups, schools and communities. ✨ This picture may seem irrelevant but this is generally how it works (especially here on insta) to gain most attention for my captions and also this pic is the definition of a high light. ✨ I’m happy because I’m in Miami, I am enjoying a day off, the sun is shining, I think my swimsuit is cute, abs are kinda poppin, got a bit of a tan, the background is lush oh and I’m surrounded by my best gfs and life is incredible ✨ So when you’re scrolling you’re gonna see this – and I don’t blame myself or anyone else for wanting to share the best bits. I scroll through my phone pics and I don’t find any photos of me when I’m feeling lonely, exhausted or when something hasn’t gone my way I’m disappointed or crying or feeling rejected – I don’t capture those moments. But that is real too! ✨ So if you’re not feeling OK and thinking everyone else (especially online) is always happy and has no problems just remember they just probably aren’t sharing that. ✨ So protect yourself, seek help if you aren’t feeling OK from a friend or family member you trust or a professional. Because if your arm was hurting you’d be going straight to the doctor and our minds are the most complicated part of us so sometimes we may need help. ✨ I hope you all know it’s OK to talk about how you’re feeling and maybe if you don’t have someone IRL who you feel comfortable with there are helplines and communities online here to support you – you are not alone. ✨ 1-800-273-8255

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Unfortunately there’s no dancing this time.

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