New A.I. Rats You Out to Netflix If You’re Sharing Your Password

Ah, Netflix. That fantastic service that allows us to avoid having interaction with other human beings. Although, the occasional social connections are helpful when there’s a possibility of getting someone else’s Netflix password so we can enjoy free TV and movies. Which in turn allows us to go back to ignoring society again without the bother of paying monthly fees.

But beware, streamers. If you’re currently getting access through someone else’s account, you might be in danger of being ratted out to Netflix.

The UK-based tech company, Synamedia, is currently looking to turn a profit by tattling on Netflix users who are sharing passwords.  Synamedia is developing A.I. that will detect unusual user patterns and then score the user’s odds (on a scale of 1-10) of being a password sharer. Netflix (or Hulu, HBOGO, AmazonPrime, etc.) will then be notified and are allowed to deal with the rogue account on an individual basis.

Symanedia chief product officer Jean-Marc Racine is excitedly siding with the capitalists and has no qualms about narcing on the consumers. Here’s what Racine had to say in his interview with Variety.

“The way you secure OTT is evolving.”


“Today, you [streaming services] are in the dark.”

And Racine is ready to flip on the light and expose the dirty underground operations of Netflix password dealers.

Well, s**t. The good old days of being able to discreetly save a few bucks and get free entertainment might soon be over for real this time. I can’t say I entirely blame streaming services for wanting this technology because as convenient as it is for consumers to share passwords, it’s definitely causing them to lose money. Something like this was bound to pop up sooner or later.

But I just hope this new tech doesn’t become a thing before the final season of Game of Thrones. I can handle paying for my own Netflix, but HBOGO is a totally different ballgame.

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