Nude French Restaurant Closes Due to Lack of Asses in Seats

Nude beaches may have a certain amount of widespread appeal, but nudist restaurants apparently do not attract the same level of interest.

In June 2016, Paris introduced the very first nudist restaurant called “O’naturel.” O’naturel was conceived as an elegant place of high-end dining for the clothing-averse with the tagline “the pleasure of dining naked all year in the capital in the respect of naturist values.”

If you ever dreamed of having a bottle of French wine, a nice sirloin, and crème brûlée in a beautiful setting without being forced to wear pants, this is the place for you. And it definitely did get customers, actual naked ones! Just check it out:

But sadly, if you have not yet had the pleasure of naked fine dining, you only have a little over a month to experience it. O’naturel will be closing its doors on February 15th after only 15 months in business. The reason? While they did get customers, there just wasn’t enough business to keep it going. It may not seem possible, but I guess nudist fine-dining is a little too niche.

Call me a prude, but when I dine out, I generally prefer to have clothes on and that others around likewise are clothed. I feel like being in a room full of naked people and wondering about the last bare ass that sat in my seat might put a damper on my appetite no matter how good the grilled prawns are.

The twin (non-nudist) owners Mike and Stephane Saada shared their regrets about their restaurant closing saying:

“We will only remember the good [naked] times, meeting beautiful [naked] people and [naked] customers who were delighted to share exceptional [naked] moments.”

Okay, okay, I added the minor embellishments to the above. I couldn’t resist. Don’t judge me. You would all have been thinking the same thing.

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4 years ago

so pity. There is less fun now