Pauly D and Vinny Guadagnino Bro-Up to Help Each Other Find True Love on New MTV Dating Show

Well, Jersey Shore fans, you may rejoice. DJ Pauly D and Vinny Guadagnino are returning once more to MTV. Oh no, not for Jersey Shore: Family Vacation. No, not for The Pauly D Project, either.  And not for The Show with Vinny…Jesus Christ, did these two ever really leave MTV?

This time the duo are planning to look for true love together by having their very own reality show called Double Shot at Love with DJ Pauly D & Vinny. According to MTV,  twenty eligible (and desperate) women will be competing for the hearts of these dudes who made getting drunk on a beach a profitable occupation.

Here are the official bios from MTV for Vinny and Pauly D:

“Pauly continues to tour the world DJing while holding down a Las Vegas residency, but are any of the contestants ready to keep up with his luxurious lifestyle?”

I think the “luxurious lifestyle” is the primary attraction for these women who are willing to degrade themselves on national TV.

“Vinny is ready to get back into a relationship, but will the Staten Island keto-guido find someone to take home for Sunday family dinner?”

I think the better question is who would want to present either of these two to their families as a potential spouse? Well, stupid question, really. I should just go back and see my above answer.

Let’s face it, anyone who tunes in to watch this show isn’t going into it expecting to see the blossoming of new love. Like any other reality dating show in the same vein as The Bachelor, viewers will witness a bunch of hopeless people fight each other to the death over two dipshits that they normally wouldn’t give a second glance, except that they might be able to score fifteen minutes of fame and a gig promoting diet tea on Instagram.

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