Ryan Edwards Is a Living Example of What ‘Teen Mom’ Does to Cast Members

No good ever seems to come out of being on Teen Mom. I mean, that’s usually the case with most reality shows, but it looks like the Teen Mom cast members go on to have especially terrible lives. Besides the obvious getting knocked up before being able to vote issue, someone from that show always seems to be getting arrested or in some kind of legal trouble. This time, Ryan Edwards is the honorary Teen Mom Jailbird of the Week.

I admit I’m not overly familiar with Teen Mom beyond some of the stand-outs like Bristol Palin and Farrah Abraham, so I had to do some digging around to find out who this Ryan Edwards guy was. What I learned is that Edwards was on Teen Mom from the beginning because he was the one who impregnated one of the lower tier cast members named Maci Bookout with whom he shares a son. But that relationship is kaput because Edwards is currently married to a woman named Mackenzie Standifer, who to my understanding was also once a teen mom, but you know, not one of the cool Teen Mom teen moms.

This is not Edwards’ first run-in with the law, and he seems to have a fairly extensive arrest record, mostly on charges of heroin possession. His crime this time around was running up a $36 tab in Jack Daniels and not paying his tab. And while the police were picking him up for theft of services, they realized that there was an outstanding warrant for Edwards for another heroin possession charge, so yeah, there’s a bonus charge right there. Evidently, the 90-day rehab center Edwards attended over the summer did not have enough sticking power.

So, besides the obvious lesson of “don’t do heroin,” the other takeaway from this should also be “don’t go on Teen Mom.” Seriously, kids, being on this show is not worth the fame and attention. If you’re that desperate to be on TV, stick to stuff like The Bachelor or Big Brother. The cast of Teen Mom should pose enough of a warning about keeping your dick wrapped and just waiting until you’re old enough to audition for The Real World.

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5 years ago

Your parents enabling is messed up.
Maci, looking at how Ryan has turned out, I not trust Jen or alcoholic Larry with Bentley.
It’s sick that Jen demands Bentley share a bed with her whilst he is at theirs.
Strange family