Swimsuit Model Ariella Nyssa Celebrates Body Positivity With Unretouched Instagram Snap

Swimsuit models, like all women, come in all shapes and sizes. And there’s definitely been a push for companies to be more inclusive in the types of women they represent. And some models who don’t have traditional figures are becoming more popular.

One of those models is Ariella Nyssa, and Australian model known for posting unretouched photos of herself. She penned a message about body positivity and the trolling she gets when she hit 200,000 Instagram followers.

WOW 200k! I’m honestly still in shock at how many of you beautiful people are following my journey. It’s been a roller coaster of emotions this last month. I’ve recieved so much love from so many people around the world! And with that comes hurtful comments and people aswell My self love is becoming so much stronger as I ignore the haters and encourage myself to keep going. That I’m still beautiful on the inside and out! I read a comment today that said “wear long shorts !! “ or “dress for your body”!! I’m getting to the point now where I believe my body is beautiful no matter what angle, no matter what I wear and no matter what day it is! And that is so crazy for me. My whole life I’ve never believed in myself, I’ve never believed in my beauty and now I finally see it. My body looks beautiful in swimmers, it looks beautiful in clothing. It looks beautiful all the god damn time and so does YOURS! I’m thankful for my cellulite, I’m thankful for my body shape, I’m thankful for my heart and my compassion and I’m thankful for my positivity and determination no matter what comes my way!!! BELIEVE IN YOURSELF ! It will take you to places you have never dreamed possible

That’s sweet.

She seems to post the same sentiment a lot. Maybe just don’t read the comments?

Man, her Instagram feed is kind of like a self-help book full of T&A, isn’t it? I suppose there are worse things, though, like self-help books without T&A or YouTubers being millionares.

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