Watch Tequila Turn Anderson Cooper Into a Bird on New Year’s Eve

Anderson Cooper is all of us who have ever taken a shot of tequila. Anyone who has taken one of these shots knows that searing pain in the chest followed by overwhelming nausea, and ending with a full body shudder.

Cooper rang in the new year on CNN’s Countdown to 2019 with Andy Cohen. And the two of them decided to kick off the end of 2018 by taking a shot of tequila every goddamned hour leading up to 2019.  It pains me just to watch them. And Anderson Cooper had no qualms about showing every grimace, sour expression, and full-on body cringe as he downed each one.

Like George Washington, I cannot tell a lie. I, too, have made such similar expressions when doing tequila shots in my youth. And probably when I took that same shot just a few weeks ago. What can I say? I’m not a tequila fan; I’m a whiskey girl, myself.

But I can completely commiserate with Cooper as he downed his shot, exclaiming:

“Ahh! It’s like burning your lungs!”

Indeed, it does. It truly does burn, Anderson. Tequila burns your lungs, your throat, and your soul.

Watching Anderson Cooper down his shots in agony conjures feelings of pity, sympathy, and an incredible amount of amusement. We can easily feel his pain, but his expressions are so entertainingly grossed out that we can’t help but smile. Happy New Year, Anderson Cooper! Thank you for starting off our 2019 with your delightful hilarity!

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