You Wanna See Nicki Minaj’s Boyfriend Lick Her Feet?

God fucking damn it. I am NOT happy that this story had to permeate the Internet. Just so you know, I had to down a LOT of white wine to make writing this story palatable. And I blame you, Nicki Minaj. There was no reason for me to have to watch your creepy boyfriend lick your feet.

I’ve covered Nicki Minaj and her convicted rapist of a boyfriend before, and I’ve made my stance pretty clear. Minaj’s current boyfriend Kenneth “Zoo” Petty is a revolting human being who’s been convicted of rape and first-degree manslaughter, and Minaj herself is a fucking apologist and an enabler for his behavior. It’s not bad enough that Nicki Minaj is choosing to date this scumbag to the detriment of her reputation and career, but now she has to subject the rest of us to the grosser aspects of her relationship. Such as posting the above video where we witness Petty sucking on her toes in this video (and forcing me to cover this story as part of my job).

Here is where I have some questions. First of all, who filmed this video? It clearly wasn’t Nicki herself. Second, whose brilliant idea was it to post this video on Instagram? Was it Nicki who thought that the general public absolutely HAD to witness her carrying on with her felon boyfriend? WHY? Why was this deemed necessary?

Seriously, Nicki Minaj, you’re already disgusting your fan base by dating this dickhead. You are not helping the situation by broadcasting your foreplay with your convict companion. Now, I have to go chug the rest of my pinot grigio to try to erase the images I’ve been forced to witness for the sake of my job. Thank you so fucking much, Nicki Minaj.

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