2019 Is the Year of Fake Suicide Scares by Brands on Twitter

It’s a really scary thing to be browsing social media and see something that looks like a cry for help from a friend or acquaintance who might be thinking about self-harm in some way. It’s a whole other thing when you get that sort of tweet from an orange juice company’s corporate Twitter account.

Are you fucking kidding me with this? Brands are pretending to have depression to connect with people on social media? And other brands are checking up on them?

This is where we’re at as a society now.

The tweet became a bit of a meme, with the best reply being this one from Patton Oswalt.

But then the Sunny D account started retweeting all the jokes about it. That’s what’s going on now, our fucking orange juice is pretending to be suicidal like your ex-girlfriend when you broke up with her in high school. Next time you got to a restaurant and say Pepsi is okay because they don’t have Coke, you’re going to get a text from Coke telling you it’s pregnant.

Also, most of the memes the Sunny D account retweeted were from other brands advertising their dumb s**t.

Retweet the Chapo hosts you cowards!

Sunny D go on Chapo!

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