A Model Sold Her Virginity for $2.6 Million to ‘Make Her Mother Proud’

I’ve never really gotten the appeal of having sex with a virgin. Whenever I take part in a group activity, it’s always better with someone who knows what they’re doing. Think about it; you wouldn’t pay a lot of money to hear someone play the piano for the first time, would you?

But people are willing to spend a lot of money to have sex with a virgin for some reason. 23-year-old model Mahbuba Mammadzada cashed in on this recently to the tune of about $2.6 million American.

I mean sure, she’s attractive, but I don’t know if she’s $2.5 million attractive.

I do love her hair, it’s such a thing.

The great thing is what Mammadzada told the Daily Mirror her reason for selling her virginity to a Japanese politician on the website Cinderella Escorts is.

In a statement Maria said: “I want to sell my virginity on Cindrella Escorts and because I want to have a house for me and for my mom, so finally we can live in our own place, and also to travel all over the world with Mom.

“I wanna live in the USA and continue my modeling career there with one of the top modeling agencies.

“I love dogs, and I dream to open a shelter for dogs in my country. My mom did everything for me till now, and now its my turn, to make her proud of me.”

No, that makes sense. I can remember how proud my mother was of me when I told her I was having sex for money. If you want to have sex with a virgin and want to save around $2.6 million, just learn to play Magic: the Gathering and you’ll have your pick of virgins.

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4 years ago

There are lots of times when someone will pay more for something that has never been used. People pay more for a new car than for a used car. I’d much rather wear new underwear than underwear that had previously been worn by someone else. And I can’t imagine being desperate enough to want to eat food that someone else had already chewed.

War Pig
War Pig
4 years ago
Reply to  jay

On the other hand, it isn’t much fun riding a horse that has never been ridden before. You have to tame it, break it to saddle and all that. Id rather just be able to jump on and have a fun ride with a horse that knows what it is doing.