Bridget Malcolm Really Loves Posing Topless

Bridget Malcolm is pretty cool. She’s a Victoria’s Secret model and it seems like modelling bras is the only time she ever wears a top.

She also talks openly about suffering from PMDD, which is a bit like PMS in the sense that getting slapped in the face is a bit like having your balls ripped off by that soccer player who became an actor.

this podcast was talking about how if we take care of our diets and get fit, plant based and healthy, we can go off all of our medications – from statins to antidepressants. I had been subconsciously swallowing this message for years. It is the reason why, when I was first diagnosed, I did not get the appropriate medical help. It is the reason why I had far too many anxiety attacks, and weeks of hopelessness. It is the reason why I was suicidal.

Does Gwyneth Paltrow have a podcast?

When I finally “caved” and went on an antidepressant for my PMDD, it took me about two days to begin to feel better. As time passed and my cyclical agoraphobia and extreme sadness went away, I slowly began to get angry about the time I wasted being averse to taking medication.

I feel happy for her. She’s dealing with her issues and now she doesn’t need to be trapped in her house or in any sort of upper-body covering.

Those are some tiny-ass nipples. She barely to cover them because they’re barely there.

I feel like teasing her about her nipples being tiny is absolutely the way to get a date with her, by the way. You will totally get that “shut up, idiot” arm punch if you do it.

Okay, now I’m in love with her, too.

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