Chris Pratt Responds to Ellen Page’s Accusations That His Church is Homophobic

Is Chris Pratt’s church homophobic? It is a church, so probably. For example, Ellen Page is a Buddhist, and Buddhists generally aren’t supposed to be having gay sex. The Dalai Lama has said that gay and lesbian sex is “sexual misconduct” but also that gay sex and gay marriage is an individual choice and we should treat everyone with respect and dignity. Buddhism doesn’t have “sin,” per se, but if they did, gay marriage would be one of them, albeit in a chill, hands-off “it’s fine, but it’s not something we think is compatible with our religion” kind of way.

Still, Ellen Page was very mad that Chris Pratt goes to a church she doesn’t like and made sure to tweet about it.

Pratt responded to this on his Instagram.

So who is right? They kind of both are, but Pratt is being a lot less insufferable about religion, and that’s saying something. Yeah, Chris Pratt’s church is kind of homophobic. It’s called being a church. The basis of all religions, even the good ones, is making you feel bad for wanting to have sex, which is one of about half a dozen things humans are hardwired to need to do but also the only one that won’t actually kill you if you skip it.

For example, Mahershala Ali is an Ahmadiyya Muslim. Here’s what they say about homosexuality:

Homosexuality is a delicate and controversial subject prevalent in today’s society. You may be wondering about the Islamic position on homosexuality in the face of radical gay activism versus fundamentalist Christian teachings. Islam considers same-sex marriages to be invalid, thus all homosexual activity is extra-marital. As you have already read in Chapter 3, Islam forbids all sexual activity outside of marriage. Therefore, homosexual acts are considered to be sin. More specifically, Islam forbids “lewdness” between men and men, women and women, and men and women who are not married to each other. (See Holy Qur’an, 4:16-17). In addition, numerous hadith of the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) condemn sodomy as hateful in the sight of God. This position against homosexuality supports the Islamic teaching of chastity and of the sanctity of sex within marriage. In general, it is consistent with a Muslim’s goal of always seeking his or herself and spiritual development and leaving aside those things which attract the lower, baser side of human beings’ nature.

As a new convert to Islam, you may have questions about gay rights and the fight for equality, and you may wonder whether discrimination against gays because of their sexual preference is right or wrong. It is important to point out that gay activists are seeking rights on the same grounds as African-Americans, women and other minorities; namely that their sexual preference is as innate as a person’s skin color or gender. As this is not so, African-Americans, women and others should be wary of joining with gay activists in their political fight because their rights are not due on the same grounds.

Scientology allegedly practices a form of conversion therapy, the thing Page claims makes her so mad about Chris Pratt’s church.

Chris Pratt is a super nice guy. He is also a Christian, which I think is a bit silly and outdated, but he dresses up like Star-Lord and visits sick kids in hospitals, maybe we need to pick our battles more carefully here.

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1 year ago

Hey James,
Explain how being Christian is silly and how its outdated. Please.
Enlighten me.