Deciphering Taylor Swift’s Instagram

It all started on Sunday when Taylor Swift posted an Instagram photo of 7 palm trees surrounded by stars. Many theorized the 4 palm trees on the left represented her 4 country albums, the 2 trees on the right were her 2 pop albums and the tree in the middle is a new album.

Her last album, Reputation, was released 2 years ago in 2017. So, of course this was some sort of hidden message letting her true fans know that new music was dropping. Possibly in a week’s time. For reference, “Look What You Made Me Do” was released on August 24, 2017, a Monday. That, by the way, is a fact that has no significance whatsoever.

Taylor, possibly realizing she had the power to f**k with people, posted another photo of her sitting on the sixth step of a staircase.

Like Russel Crowe with his floating, glowing numbers in A Beautiful Mind, fans began began seeing code all around them. This, they decided, was a god damn countdown and there was nothing you could do to convince them otherwise. The next day, Swift would fan the flames some more.

Taylor Swift looking through a fence with FIVE holes making it five days until some big news dropped. Or FIVE more days of Taylor Swift messing with people. Granted, things got a little confusing Wednesday when she posted a photo of her cat with a caption that she’d read all the theories.

Not quite sure how to make this fit their narrative, people started grabbing at straws. This cat, Olivia, was FOUR years old. She also has FOUR paws. Swift then made another post with her Elle cover which is part of an op-ed written by Taylor Swift.

I’m not sure what code is in this one but that’s not going to stop people from wasting half their day to try and pull something out of their ass.

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Lady Saffire
Lady Saffire
5 years ago

At least she likes cats. I thought all celebrities were mutt nuts.