Jason Momoa’s Bare Chest Is Selling Girl Scout Cookies


It took a stint as a murderous Dothraki and another as Aquaman before someone realized Momoa sounds a lot like Samoas, the famous Girl Scout cookies. But when one fifth grader’s mother finally did, she capitalized on it.

Charlotte Holmberg, now a Top Cookie CEO for the Girl Scouts and the fifth grader in question, has started to sell Jason Momoa branded Samoa cookies called Momoas. With the help of Charlotte’s mom, who works in marketing obviously, the two have printed individual photos of a shirtless Jason Momoa and put them on boxes of those cookies.

“Moms are getting really excited and they’re saying they need them,” Charlotte said not realizing she’s selling the equivalent of a JC Penny catalog for moms.

Charlotte is also soon going to find out what the words “cease and desist mean” because by tomorrow an army of Warner Bros. lawyers is coming to her house to put an end to this cute story.

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