Kylie Jenner Is So Filthy Rich She Can Buy $10K in Postmates Deliveries that Include an Order of One Single Carrot

If you’re looking for relatable celebrities, the Kardashians are generally not going to be at the top of your list. And they don’t really pretend they’re just like everyone else. Certainly not Kylie Jenner who managed to spend over $10k in Postmates deliveries in the last year.

And in case you were just dying to find out what the hell she was ordering, you’re in luck because we were fortunate enough to have access to Jenner’s list of the top places to get delivery from:

The Bagel Broker: Cream cheese bagel
Joey Woodland Hills: Miso Ramen Bowle o
Genghis Cohen: Chicken fried rice, vegetable fried rice, white rice, orange chicken
Cha Cha Matcha: Matcha Latte
Pick Up Stix: House Special Chicken
Alfred Coffee: Chai Milk Tea
Jersey Mike’s: Turkey Breast and Provolone
Mauro’s Cafe at Fred Segal: Fred’s Pasta, Penne Bolognese and Meatballs
Ralph’s: Grape Jelly
Milk Bar: Crunchy Cereal Shake

Well, Jenner has good taste, I give her that much. Almost all of these places have around 4-star ratings on Yelp, so she’s definitely going for the good stuff.

The most expensive order Jenner placed was for a $160 bottle of tequila. The smallest purchase? One, single goddamned carrot and a bottle of SmartWater.

When ordering from Postmates, you can indeed purchase one single vegetable at a time. Of course, you’ll have to pay the delivery fee which runs between $1.99 and $3.99. Unless it’s rush hour, in which case you can expect to pay an upwards of $5.99 to $9.99. So, yes, Jenner could easily have paid around ten bucks to have one lousy carrot delivered to her. And that’s not including the tip.

This shows exactly how ridiculously rich the Kardashian-Jenner clan really is. Not only is there no big deal to drop $10K in food delivery, but no one even blinks at the thought of spending $10 just to have a single carrot delivered and not even justify the single purchase by getting more groceries to go along with it.

But I don’t blame her for regularly getting that Crunchy Cereal Shake from Milk Bar. That stuff is the s**t and I would totally want it delivered to me on a regular basis.

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