Nick Cannon Keeps Trolling Kylie Jenner

Thanks to Wendy Williams being away on medical leave, Nick Cannon is really enjoying his moment in the sun. By filling in for Williams, on her show, Cannon gets to enjoy the spotlight again as he hasn’t since 2016.

Cannon seems determined to use the hot seat to mock Kylie Jenner, who seems to have become a regular target of his for no real reason.

This time the topic was about how much he hated Jenner’s lip fillers which she had as a teenager but had them removed last year.  And Cannon went on to draw bizarre comparisons between Jenner and 15-year-old rapper Bhad Bhabie (who currently has her own Snapchat show), a.k.a., Danielle Bregoli who got her fame by acting like a trashy gutter troll on Dr. Phil. This is what Cannon said:

“I’d rather my daughter go in this direction [be more like Danielle Bregoli] than go in the Kylie Jenner direction. That’s just me…this girl [Bregoli] might have a bad mouth, she needs some guidance, she needs a whoopin’ But, at the same age, Kylie Jenner was getting plastic surgery.”

Uhmmmm….okay, Cannon, let me get this straight. You would rather see your daughter steal cars and credit cards, make false police reports against her mother, and get into nightclub brawls than…be like Kylie Jenner? I can see why your daughter spends most of her time with mom Mariah Carey.

Understandably, reports are coming in that Jenner is very upset by Cannon’s mean-spirited comments. Also, this foray back into bullying is very likely going to reignite the wrath of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian whom Cannon had pissed off before, though they were supposed to have called a truce.

I’m no huge fan of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, but Cannon’s trash talking of Kylie Jenner is both unnecessary and unkind. And say what you want about Jenner and the rest of her family, but think about it; when was the last time you saw any of them get into bar fights, throw drinks at people, and joyriding in other people’s cars?

I’m not saying that Cannon’s daughter should look up to the Kardashian-Jenners as role models over “Bhad Bhabie;” she hopefully has better people in her life that she can emulate. It’s just too bad that her own father isn’t one of those people.

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4 years ago

She can *say* she had her filler out all she wants. Pictures prove otherwise. She’s a horrible example to look up to. I feel bad for her daughter. What if she inherits Kylie’s old face? Will she make her get her premature plastic surgery? Sick.