Laverne Cox Confirms She Isn’t Pregnant on Twitter

The odds on Laverne Cox being pregnant were always pretty low. But when she went for an x-ray, the technician, bless their heart, made sure to ask her if she might be before blasting her with baby-killing radiation.

I mean, there’s not a lot to say here. Laverne is trans, which means that she doesn’t have a uterus and also that she must have chosen the name Laverne which I just put together right now. It seems like an old lady name and Laverne keeps it much too tight for an old lady name. She looks more like a Cindee or a Kyrsten or a Sexlantica. She’s hot is what I’m saying.

A few hospital workers in the replies said this is standard procedure for any woman getting an x-ray, but even so it’s a pretty funny story.

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