Patriots Owner Robert Kraft Only Needed 15 Minutes for a Handy and a Blowie

New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft, 77, was officially charged on Monday on two counts of first-degree solicitation. Kraft has a “low level” arrest warrant issued which means he doesn’t need to appear in court. Kraft faces one year in jail, a $5,000 fine and 100 hours of community service.

Documents released Monday revealed more information about Kraft’s visit to Orchids of Asia Day Spa in Florida. He was a big fan of the place having visited the massage parlor twice in 24 hours. Once on Jan. 19, a day before the AFC Championship Game between the Patriots and the Chiefs. The second time was the next day on Jan. 20, the day of the AFC Championship Game. I imagine this is a pre-game tradition.

Kraft was seen arriving in a chauffeured 2015 blue Bentley at 11 a.m. Video captured him receiving a blowjob and a handjob from a woman at the spa. She was paid with a $100 and another bill before he left at 11:15 a.m. The AFC game kicked off at 6:40 p.m. Coincidentally, the time it took him to go in, get off and get out was the same time it takes to finish out one quarter of an NFL game.

As for repercussions, the league on Monday said it would handle Kraft’s case like any other under it’s conduct policy. Which means pretty much nothing apart from the fact he won’t be able to show up to a few games. Makes sense. The guy got a handjob and blowjob from a sex slave who was probably trafficked over from China. It’s not like he took a knee or something.

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5 years ago

The guy paid for a blowjob, he doesn’t own the place and is not involved with sex trafficking. Everyone wants to burn him at the stake for something that thousands, if not millions of people do on a daily basis. Who we should be persecuting are the people that are actually involved in the greater atrocities and eradicate this from continuing.

Imma Cummings
Imma Cummings
5 years ago

Sexual release is good for pregame stress. If I could afford to pay for daily blowjobs I would do the same.
Leave the old man alone and let him cum and go as he pleases.
I wouldn’t pay over $30 for a blowjob!