People Are Not Impressed with Justin Bieber’s Shitty, Overpriced Clothing Line

Remember last month when Justin Bieber was selling hotel slippers as the first item of his new clothing line? Well, the slippers sold out quickly and were pretty well received. It seemed to indicate that perhaps Bieber’s clothing line (called “Drew”) might actually be of interest. Well, the clothing is officially out, and well…it’s not exactly what people were expecting.

Yeah….when I look at these dull, lackluster mud-colored threads, I see fictional medieval peasant garbs combined with prison wear. And based on the reactions on social media, I am not entirely alone in my opinion.

And what has people really pissed off, is how expensive these over-priced UPS rejects are. Based on the slippers which were only around $4.50, people were assuming that the clothes would have been more on the affordable side. According to the Drew House website, T-shirts range from $48-$68. Hoodies and pants are between $98 and $148. And fans are not amused:

You would think no one would willingly part with $150 for a s**t-colored hoodie. And the absolutely batshit insane part of this whole thing? All those fucking clothes are sold out.

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