R. Kelly is in Jail After Rape Arrest Because He Can’t Make Bail

R. Kelly just can’t catch a break. No sooner did everyone suddenly remember it’s not okay that he allegedly had sex with tons of underaged girls, but now he’s been arrested for it. And to top that off, he’s in jail because he doesn’t have the $100,000 required as a bond for his $1m bail. Not that he’d have anywhere to go because, according to CNN, he’s also being evicted from the recording studio he was illegally living in.

Kelly also risked eviction at his Chicago studio last month because he owes more than $166,000 in unpaid rent.
Court documents show a judge signed an eviction order in January. The documents show Robert Kelly needed to move out on or before January 21, but Kelly was still at the studio minutes before he turned himself in to police on Friday night.

Well, I guess he still has an actual house to go to. Probably more than one.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, which reviewed court documents in Fulton County, Georgia, Kelly also owes a Georgia property management company more than $31,000 in past due rent payments for two homes in suburban Atlanta.

Oh, well, then. Maybe he could make bail but he just needs a place to stay. At least he doesn’t have any other big bills due that could get in the way of making bail.

According to court documents reviewed by CNN, Kelly owed more than $169,000 in unpaid child support to his ex-wife as of February 6.
The court ordered Kelly to make a monthly payment of $20,833 on January 8, 2009, but Kelly failed to show up to that hearing, per court documents.

It’s a problem, then. I’m sure Kelly is eager to make bail and get out of lock-up, though; prom season is right around the corner and we all know that’s his busiest time of year.

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