So Cute: Offset Went With Cardi B When She Got Her Vagina Lasered

Laser hair removal is one of the greatest gifts a woman can give a man. Seriously. Shaving leads to stubble burns on your face when it starts to grow back and waxing doesn’t last that long. You get that s**t lasered enough and it is basically smooth for life.

Cardi B, who is the best celebrity by a mile because her politics are as on point as that ass, knows this, and she took her on-again boyfriend Offset with her to get lasered, which is really cute. She eve posted a video of it on Instagram.

I’m sorry, they are just adorable together, I’m glad Offset lost his whole damn mind trying to win her back. According to Page Six, they did indeed go together to Cardi’s appointment.

“They were waiting in a private room before her appointment,” a source said. They apparently exited separately, even taking off in separate cars.

But, our source added, “they were all smiles and laughs while they were there.”

That’s so adorable. How can you not root for these kids?

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