The ‘Awww’ Factor is Off the Charts As Cardi B Posts Pic of Offset With Their Daughter Kulture

It’s no surprise that, contingent on her endorsing Bernie Sanders again in 2020, Cardi B is my favorite celebrity. She’s like a Kardashian who’s famous for having talent and not just fucking basketball players and rappers. Seriously, has any one of them dated anyone outside of those two professions? But I digress.

Cardi B and Offset are back together, and that means they’re spending time with their baby Kulture. They usually don’t let people see her on social media, but we got a rare glimpse and holy s**t is that one adorable baby.

This is just the second picture Cardi has showed of her daughter, after this one from early December.

Normally she and Offset will go as far as to edit her face out of posts.

She explained why in Harper’s Bazaar earlier this month.

“As soon as she was born, one month in [Offset] was like, ‘She’s so beautiful. Watch how people gonna go crazy.’ ’Cause a lot of people were saying mean stuff, like that we don’t post her because she’s ugly. He was like, ‘I’m about to post my baby right now.’ But then we were very concerned because we were getting a lot of threats, so he said, ‘The world don’t even deserve to see her.’” Eventually Cardi wanted to put a photo up because “it’s really annoying and we don’t have a life. We have to hide her all the time. I can’t go to L.A. or Miami and walk down the beach with my baby. I want to go shopping with my baby. I want to take a stroll with my baby. Sometimes I feel bad for her because all she knows is the house.” But can’t you put on a baseball cap? I ask. Will people still recognize you? “Yeah,” she says. “It’s my nose.”

That’s messed up. Be nice to Cardi B, she’s great.

And look at that little baby bling! So cute.

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