What You Need to Know About Victoria’s Secret Model Yasmin Wijnaldum Who’s Linked to G-Eazy

It has been brought to my attention that musician G-Eazy (whom I only know as that dude Halsey was dating for a while) is dating the 20-year-old Victoria’s Secret model Yasmin Wijnaldum (whom I only am vaguely aware of. And I have been told that all of you want to hear about who Yasmin Wijnaldum is and what we know about her, and this is part of my job, so here we go:

Where Is She From?

She is from the Netherlands! Amsterdam, specifically. Her first modeling agency was Elite Amsterdam.

How the Hell Do You Pronounce Her Last Name?

Her name is pronounced Win-Nahl-Dum.

What Was Her Big Breakout Gig?

Wijnaldum had a major breakthrough in her modeling career when she became the face of Prada in 2016.

She’s Appeared in Vogue Several Times

How Did She and G-Eazy Meet?

We’re not sure yet! The two haven’t actually been photographed together yet, but they do follow each other on Instagram. What’s tipped everyone off is the recent Instagram exchange they’ve had. G-Eazy posted a paparazzi photo of  Wijnaldum on his Instagram stories and captioned it “Nice shirt bae” followed by a black heart emoji.

Wijnaldum replied to him in her own Instagram stories with a close up of the said t-shirt which showed a design of the Devil wearing a leather jacket dancing with a woman and says “Looks sweet, but the devil’s in the details.” So yeah, their relationship really is mostly speculation at this point, but it does sound very flirty.

And We Do Know Wijnaldum Really Loves Halloween

Based on her Instagram posts, anyway. She certainly went all out last year with multiple costumes

And what do you know? She’s a Power Rangers fan!

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