Women of Cleveland, Watch Out. The Browns Just Signed Kareem Hunt

Kareem Hunt ’bout to give the Dawg Pound a new meaning.

Hunt, NFL running back and formerly of the Kansas City Chiefs, has been resting his legs after video of him kicking a woman was released in February 2018. After the video came out, the NFL put him on the commissioner’s exempt list, which evidently means let’s let this cool down before we put you back on the field.

After that, the Chiefs released him. But KC’s loss is now the Cleveland Browns’ gain. The Browns signed Hunt yesterday to a one-year contract.

When will Hunt play? Who knows. He goes back on the commissioner’s exempt list until the NFL decides how to discipline him.

Hunt is now a new man if you believe Browns general manager John Dorsey (via ESPN).

“I want everybody to know we have done extensive research in regards to this case, this player…He understands and takes full responsibility for the egregious act he committed. He is extremely remorseful for his actions.”

See Hunt give that woman a kick in the ass? Well, he’s sorry now. That video was last February. A year later, Hunt is a new man and ready to make millions running around with a football.

You figure there’d be more vocal protesters of the Hunt signing. There’s a few.

“The message this sends is that money matters more than women,” said Toni Van Pelt, president of the National Organization For Women told NBC News.

“Women don’t matter to the NFL, which is rather surprising because they’re a big part of the viewer audience.”

Erin White, spokesperson for Safe Horizons, a national victims-service agency, told NBC News, that the decision to bring Hunt back to the league is “troubling.”

“Consistently, the message survivors hear is that their experiences aren’t valued. When we treat abuse or violence as a private problem or sweep it under the rug, that behavior is reinforced,” White said.

On the other hand, these protesters also realize one sad fact.

The Browns haven’t been to a Super Bowl in 55 years!!

Cleveland protesters must be weighing Hunt beating a woman versus the sweet parade that a Super Bowl win brings. I mean, it is a parade after all.

And in case anyone thinks this is making light of abuse, no, this is a warning to Cleveland women. Protect yourself, Kareem Hunt is your new running back.

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