Bionic Model Rebekah Marine Paster Said Yes to the Dress

Modelling is becoming more diverse, and that’s a good thing because if it wasn’t, we wouldn’t have Rebekah Marine Paster, a badass runway model with a bionic arm.

She also does the thing every single one of us would do if we had a robot arm, pretend to be Luke Skywalker.

You know, in one of the good Star Wars movies, not The Last Jedi where he was just grumpy and sucking on alien tits.

According to People, Rebekah is going to be on an upcoming episode of Say Yes to the Dress, which she did, because now she’s married and having a baby.

“I remember thinking about being at the altar and people taking pictures and my arm being in those pictures,” Marine tells PEOPLE. “I would cry all the time thinking, ‘I don’t want to do that. I don’t want to get married.’ “

Aww, that’s kind of sad. This prosthetic technology has come so fast that someone her age (she’s 32) couldn’t even conceive of it being so advanced when they were children. She’s like a living Rob Liefeld drawing, only with feet and fewer pouches.

She did get married, by the way. And she looked beautiful.

That last swimsuit is just adorable.

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W Nelson
W Nelson
4 years ago

LOL–watch the show–she’s really pretty—but sometimes it’s her right arm and then her left>>>WTF….really bad photoshop opp