Cardi B is Going to Show Off her Acting Chops by Playing a Stripper in a Movie

Cardi B has basically conquered the world of music by becoming the best rapper in the world, so now she’s going into acting. She’s going to really stretch her acting muscles by playing a stripper. Jennifer Lopez made the announcement on her Instagram feed, which seems weird, usually these things come out in the trades.

This movie is going to be something to see, I think. It’s called The Hustlers at Scores and it’s based on a true story about a group of strippers who decided that they’re better than their clients so they decide to drug and rob them of tens of thousands of dollars. They also hired prostitutes to work for them because they were too good to sleep with the guys they were robbing. It’s seriously such a funny story, here’s a quote from one of the women offended at the idea that the idea to drug and rob men wasn’t their own, from the New York Magazine article that the movie is based on.

And although Rosie maintains that the group would occasionally swipe credit cards through Scores’ funny-money machine, she rejects the suggestion, made by some, that anyone at Scores was the driving force behind the scheme. “Nobody put us up to anything!” she snapped at me when I suggested it. “We are strong women who don’t fucking take s**t from nobody.”

Oh, and this one.

Samantha had a soft spot for ex-strippers with problems — not the kind of girls Rosie trusted. “When I’m doing business with somebody, I want stand-up people, not junkies and criminals,” she told me. “People that have morals and principles.”

Bitch, you’re a criminal. You’re a pimp and thief. I think Cardi B is going to be great in this, she’s got the perfect attitude to play a stripper who robs people while also thinking she’s way better than everyone else.

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