Dr. Dre Knocked Lori Loughlin Over USC Bribery Scandal, Then He Remembered He Paid USC $70 Million

Man, this Lori Loughlin college bribery story is just not going away. I think it’s probably because her daughter Olivia Jade is so terrible. If Loughlin and her husband would have just let her be a Florida dirtbag then none of this would have happened. It also wouldn’t have happened if they had given a much larger bribe to USC directly instead of bribing a coach on the cheap.

Even Dr. Dre was getting in on the joke, making a (now-deleted) post on Instagram saying “My daughter got into USC all on her own. No jail time!!!”

So why did he delete that, anyway? He must have thought it was too harsh. Or he possibly got a huge comeuppance like, ten seconds after he posted it.

What’s that, USC News story from 2013? Dr. Dre donated $70 million to the university to build an entire department?

I do find it a little weird everyone has jumped on Lori Loughlin so quickly on this. Hallmark pulled their most popular show to digitally edit her out of it or some s**t, like really? You can’t just air those episodes? Maybe put a disclaimer at the beginning like “Warning: May contain scenes of a graphic nature upto and including that rich white lady we don’t like anymore. Please drink your pumpkin spice latte responsibly”

Maybe instead of being mad at Loughlin we should be mad that it’s still okay to just give a university $70 million and be like “My kids got in here all on their own, right, wink-wink, nudge-nudge, say no more.” Seems like it would at least be more rational to be mad under those circumstances.

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