Emily Ratajkowski Defends her DUFF From Bodyshaming Attacks Such as This Headline

A few days ago, Emily Ratajkowski posted what seemed like an innocuous ad for her swimwear line, Inamorata.

Get it? Bums? Because it’s their butts? She’s so clever, I’m sure that we’d all think that was funny if an ugly girl said it. Well, I mean, it’s on par with the jokes Lena Dunham wrote in Girls, so I guess we would. But I digress. Anyway, people had very strong opinions on Emrata posing for a picture with her chubby friend. Wanna see some? I’m redacting the names but here are some comments from the post.

“I dont know whats funnier, that she posted this of her friend or all the girls in the comments pretending the chick on the left is just as good looking”

“Slim girls are much much more beautiful than fatties”

” I’m just being honest. You feminists cannot handle honesty. You can’t bully or shame me into what I do and don’t find attractive. 90% of men would prefer emrata. She’s rather cruel to compare herself to her friend like this. You keep believing the lies you tell yourselves. Not everyone is beautiful. Beauty is exceptional.”

You get the idea. Emrata wasn’t pleased and expressed that on Twitter, along with a message from her friend.

By the way, her friend’s name is Caitlin King and she has more pictures of the two of them together on her own Instagram.

Aside from that her feed is mostly just pictures of her boyfriend’s ass.

And you thought I was joking.

So what do I think? I have pageview numbers on all sorts of model stories and people are just as likely to click to see pictures of a plus-sized model as a skinny one. And yeah, I say mean things about celebrities all the time, but I get paid to, why are you doing it? Just giving away those insults for free, you insult slut.

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