Halle Berry Just Got a Giant Back Tattoo, Is Absolutely Not Having a Midlife Crisis

Halle Berry is 52, and you might think that’s too old to get a tattoo that covers your entire spine. If you think that, you’d be right. Wilford Brimley was 51 when he was in Cocoon, the movie about the old people having sex with aliens. I think that’s what it was about, anyway,  I only saw it on TBS back before Netflix was a thing and I wasn’t paying attention.

Anyway, I’m sure Halle Berry is absolutely not having a midlife crisis, this is a perfectly normal thing to do.

I’m not a huge fan of tattoos, personally, so my opinion might be biased; I’m sure Halle Berry wasn’t all that concerned with how I felt about her tattoo before she got it, and why should she be? Still, this just seems a little sad to me. Not as sad as the guy in the replies to this particular Instagram post, though. Let’s have a look:

Absolutely delicious.. yummy yummy

Yeah, okay, that’s a normal thing to say to a famous person on Instagram.

sweet beautiful #Jesus hot chocolate bunny just love the new signature new look the new beauty mark is perfect illustrated down your spine it makes wonder just convince you to go along with it with a special ingredient it’s not the only thing smoking hot over the oven if you know what I mean

Wow, I don’t even know where to begin here. I can’t understand it and I’m pretty sure calling a black woman “chocolate bunny” is racist. It seems like it would be. Although JD did call Turk “chocolate bear” on Scrubs, so I don’t know for sure.

what a beautiful image to start the day…tat looks awesome….best looking chef on twitter

You’re on Instagram, dude.

Halle, you are arguably the most beautiful woman in the world. Your beauty is infinite!

“Arguably.” This dude doesn’t want this to come back to haunt him in case he gets a s**t at a different movie star, so he’s hedging.

If I could get LOOSE IN THAT KITCHEN, I would cook for two weeks….non stop!! Hey there, beautiful

In a way, I respect the horny social media reply people. Maybe it’s going to turn out that Halle Berry really likes to f**k random guys who tell her how hot she is on Instagram. Then I’m going to look like an idiot for making fun of these people.

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