Hallmark Fires Lori Loughlin as Her Daughters Both Drop Out of USC

Full House

It has just not been a good week for Lori Loughlin. Her cunning plan of paying half a million dollars to have her daughters put on a fake crew team to sneak them into USC got her arrested and her daughter was on a trustee’s yacht when it happened. Now Hallmark has fired her and her daughters both dropped out of USC, so not only could she end up going to jail, she also spent all that bribe money for nothing.’

Hallmark’s parent company Crown Media Family Networks gave this statement to USA Today:

“We are saddened by the recent news surrounding the college admissions allegations. We are no longer working with Lori Loughlin and have stopped development of all productions that air on the Crown Media Family Network channels involving Lori Loughlin including Garage Sale Mysteries, an independent third party production,” Crown Media Family Networks said in a statement sent to USA TODAY.

Honestly, it seems unnecessary to me unless they really thought it was going impact ratings. And I honestly doubt it would. We’re all going to have a good laugh about how these rich idiots got busted trying to save a few dollars on their bribes but at the end of the day I don’t think anyone really cares. If Loughlin had spent $5 million on a statue of USC founder Jim USC to get her idiot kids enrolled instead of the paltry $500,000 bribing the rowing coach we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

And TMZ is reporting she’s going to be dropped from Fuller House as well.

7:50 PM PT – Our intel is clear — Lori’s not coming back to “Fuller House.” A well-placed production source tells TMZ, “Fuller House is not currently in production.  Lori is a guest star and was during the previous 4 seasons and there are currently no plans for her to return to the 5th season.”  Translation … she’s gone from the show.

TMZ also reported that her daughters both dropped out of USC to avoid being “viciously bullied.” Also that this whole thing basically worked out for them because they never wanted to go to college anyway, unless they could just go to a party school.

We’re told Olivia and Isabella never really wanted to go to USC. Our sources say they liked the concept of school principally because of partying, and had their sights set on Arizona State University. That’s why Mossimo sent an email saying he wanted to get his daughters “into a school other than ASU!”

If you had just let them go to ASU you’d still be Aunt Becky and not “that rich bitch in C-block.” Why did they need to go to USC anyway? They’re just going to live off of trust funds, why do you care?

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