How William H. Macy Barely Avoided Getting Busted in College Bribery Sting

Yesterday was a big day for fans of rich white people being perp-walked. A whole bunch of CEOs and various rich people, along with actresses Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin (and Loughlin’s husband), were arrested for a number of schemes to cheat their kids into the kinds of good colleges their idiot kids couldn’t actually get into.

Not on the list of people indicted in sting, however, was Huffman’s husband, Shameless star William H. Macy. We found out today how he avoided getting busted, and it was mostly down to Macy being really lucky. Here’s what Page Six said about he evidence against the couple.

Both Macy and Huffman allegedly made a $15,000 “purported charitable contribution” to Singer’s crooked charity on Feb.27, 2018, in exchange for his help boosting Sofia’s SAT score.
But while court papers detail a series of emails between Huffman and Singer in connection with that test, the feds don’t claim to have any similar evidence against Macy.

So that’s part of it. Huffman did all the e-mailing and talking during the scheme. There’s no evidence Macy knew about it at the time, and he and Huffman can’t be forced to testify against each other because they’re married.

Here’s how Macy just plain got lucky, though: there’s plenty of evidence of Macy being involved in a similar scheme involving his younger daughter Georgia. But he and Huffman, for whatever reason, decided not to go through with the scam at that time.

Court papers unsealed Tuesday say Macy and Huffman were both secretly recorded during a Dec. 12 phone call with William Rick Singer, the alleged mastermind of the $25 million scam.

At one point in the call, Singer asked if the couple planned to “do this similarly as we did with” older daughter Sofia Grace Macy, a year earlier.

“Yes, I think we are,” Macy allegedly responded.

Basically, if Huffman and Macy would have gone through with the second scam, they’d have both been busted. But Macy didn’t commit the crime he was caught planning, so he managed to walk. But now I really need to know if Georgia is smarter than her sister Sofia and didn’t need the help or if they just don’t like her as much.

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