It Turns Out That Living Next to Emily Ratajkowski Kind of Sucks

You’d think being Emily Ratajkowski’s neighbor would be a good thing. you’d see her around the building, maybe she does that things where she goes to get the paper in her robe but gets locked out and her robe gets stuck in the door and pulls off of her when she goes to get help. That can’t only happen in sitcoms, right?

Look, it clearly happens to her every time she goes shopping.

But alas, Page Six is reporting it’s not great to live next to Emrata. Not only is she not paying rent, but it turns out her and her husband have no regard for the other people in their building.

“Can you turn music off, trying to sleep, it’s 4:30 for Christ sake,” ticked-off Ghosh texted Bear-McClard on Dec. 14, 2015, according to a Manhattan Supreme Court filing. When Bear-McClard responded, “Not home sorry,” Ghosh asks the producer tell his friends “not to crank music that late … the walls act like speakers and my bedroom is on the other side. As it is I can hear voices.”

Man, not even home, just using your stereo to piss off your neighbors. The ones who you’re subletting your apartment from and have stopped paying rent to.

In October 2016, a fed-up Ghosh texted: “Hey, can you turn it down, 4 am and you woke me and my daughter up. I can’t have late parties here, otherwise it [the space] has to become completely commercial with no residential,” he alleges.

So not great to live next to, and will stiff you on the rent if she can.

Still… I can imagine worse.

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