K-pop Singer Jung Joon-young was Arrested for Secretly Videotaping His Sexual Encounters

Why are celebrities always making sex tapes? It never ends well. I mean, except for Kim Kardashian, but she’s only a celebrity because she made a sex tape. Ask R. Kelly how well making sex tapes worked out for him. And even though Pam Anderson and Tommy Lee made a bunch of money on their sex tape, we had to see him steer a boat with his dong and I’m calling that a loss.

The latest celebrity dumbass to get bit in the ass by making sex tapes is Jung Joon-young, a massively popular K-pop singer who was arrested for taking videos of himself having sex without telling the women he was filming and then uploading them on the internet. This is apparently something of a cottage industry in South Korea though Jung wasn’t doing it for profit, just to show his his friends, other K-pop stars and actors, notably Seungri of Big Bang.

From AP:

The Seoul Central District Court issued an arrest warrant for Jung hours after he appeared at a hearing and apologized to the victims and to “everyone who has showed affection for me.” He was later escorted to a police station in downtown Seoul in handcuffs.

He could end up in prison for up to 5 years for this.

Much like idols in Japan, Korean pop idols are supposed to be squeaky-clean “aww shucks” types, they go on shows like Chef and My Fridge and blush when someone asks them if they’re dating anyone and they act like holding hands is embarrassing and lewd. Nothing like the degenerates in American and British boy bands like One Direction. Although none of the dirtbags from those bands have been caught secretly filming women having sex with them to show their friends, so who’s the real dirtbag?

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The Night Slasher
The Night Slasher
5 years ago

Let’s reverse the roles here, then we’ll see if anyone is facing prison time if a woman does that.