Maluma’s ‘HP’ Video is Introducing the World to Israeli Model Neta Alchimister

One of the cool things about the internet is that it makes the world a little smaller. The most obvious way it’s doing this is through music. Not even 20 years ago, if you wanted to hear music from a foreign country in America, you had to wait for NPR to have a special about ‘world music’.

Now, K-Pop is a huge industry in America, probably because of what a massive hit Psy’s ‘Gangham Style’ was in 2012.

What that means is that people from all over the world can check out Colombian Latin Grammy Award winner Maluma’s new video for his single ‘HP’. I don’t speak Spanish but I assume that means horsepower from the video.

The star of this video is Israeli model Neta Alchimister, who has one of the coolest last names in the world. She hinted at it a few weeks ago.

This whole global marketplace of ideas is pretty cool.

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