Martha Stewart Sells Pot Now

I kind of love Martha Stewart, or MaStew as they called her in the joint. Even though her show seems like it’s about everything being perfect and no stitch being out of place, she’s actually pretty cool. She’s always going on Conan to do cooking segments where he does his best to piss her off and she does a cooking show with Snoop Dogg. She’s also kind of sexy. Is that last one just me? It can’t just be me.

She’s expanding her homemaking empire into weed, possibly because that Broadus guy is a bad influence. Via the AP.

The domestic diva who brought us hemp yarn is now partnering with Canada’s Canopy Growth Corp. to develop new products containing CBD, a compound derived from hemp and marijuana that doesn’t cause a high.

First to come, she said, will be a “sensible product for pets.” Neither Stewart nor Canopy Growth is saying if that would be a dog or cat treat, an infused pet food or some other product. They also aren’t saying when and where the products will go on sale, partly because they still face regulatory hurdles. Even Canada, which legalized marijuana last year, is still working out the rules for CBD-infusion in foods.

Marijuana is wonderful and everyone should do it but a lot of these CBD-laced products are pretty close to snake oil. Cannabis does have some proven health benefits, mainly that it gets you high, but  you don’t need to be giving your pets this stuff. At best it probably does nothing.

The global market for legal and illegal cannabis is estimated at $150 billion today, according to Euromonitor; by 2025, it estimates the legal market alone will be worth $166 billion.

That brings me to another point here. We should probably start letting all the 16-year-old black kids who got thrown in jail for 20 years for having an ounce of weed out if we’re going to have rich old white ladies getting richer on legal weed. That’s just common courtesy.

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