R. Kelly Looking to Hire Bill Cosby’s Publicist, Because Everyone Still Loves The Cos!

I thought the dumbest staffing move I was going to hear this year was going to be Kamala Harris hiring a bunch of Clinton 2016 staffers to run her 2020 campaign, but that was before R. Kelly decided he just had to have Bill Cosby’s PR guy. Bill Cosby is in jail and everyone hates him, at least Kamala Harris can blame her staff when she loses, Robert Kelly isn’t even running for office. Heh, if he was running for office, I’ll bet it would be for school board. Can you even imagine?

School Board Chairman: Mister Kelly, you have new business?

R. Kelly: Yes, thank you mister chairman. As you know, I’ve been investigating ways we can cover our current budget shortfall. My findings tell me that there are significant materials savings in reducing the length of the cheerleader’s skirts.

Chairman: Thank you Mister Kelly, I think we’ve heard enough.

R. Kelly: Wait, I have more ideas on how to reduce our water bill. Currently, students pee in toilets and then flush them. Now my plan is to-

Chairman: Thank you. Mister. Kelly!

Cosby’s publicist told Page Six he’s in talks but hasn’t taken the job yet.

“We’re sending proposals,” Cosby spokesman Andrew Wyatt told The Post, but said he was still in discussions with Kelly’s people about joining his legal team as a crisis manager. “I have not started with them.”

Wyatt continues to represent Cosby, who was jailed last year following his conviction on charges of aggravated indecent assault. The 81-year-old entertainer is currently serving out a 3- to 10-year prison sentence in Pennsylvania, where he occasionally releases statements through Wyatt likening himself to a political prisoner.

Man, the guy is doing such a bang-up job for Bill, why wouldn’t you want to hire him? Just, you know, make sure Robert pays up front.

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