These Weird ‘St. Louis Style’ Bagels Spawned a Whole New Twitter Meme

Some cities are famous for their food. New York pizza. Philadelphia’s cheesesteaks. Boston’s clam chowder. Pittsburgh’s sandwiches with potato chips in them. Edinburgh’s deep fried everything. Chicago deep dish. Berlin long pig. But St. Louis isn’t really famous for a kind of cuisine. Until now. Now, St. Louis has their signature food and they will be forever associated with weirdly sliced bagels.

Yeah. That’s fucking weird. That’s like eating a candy bar with a knife and fork weird. Even Chrissy Teigen sounded off on it.

It’s okay, though, because Twitter was on top of the new St. Louise food trend.

I’ve done something similar to that one to my girlfriend. She was not a fan.

Okay, that last one wins. he little goldfish and the dab of wasabi? That’s it, go home, St. Louis is over, AtlasOne just won it all.

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