Ultra Festival Featured DJ Colonel Sanders, a Burning Palm Tree and Stranded Guests

Ultra Music Festival, the annual EDM festival in Miami, was moved to the island of Virgina Key this year because Miami no longer wanted them. Turns out being drunk and high is not as acceptable in Miami as Florida man lets on.

Friday, the first day of the festival, started out great. KFC bought a time slot at the festival for someone in a Colonel Sanders Marshmello-like mask to play a 5 minute set. This is not a joke. You can see the videos below.

Ultra whoring itself out to corporations for that sweet ad money wouldn’t be so bad if the set wasn’t pure trash. They could have at least attempted some good mixes or even threw chicken at people like Steve Aoki does with cake. Other DJs weren’t impressed with these shenanigans either.

That wasn’t the only bad press Ultra had over the weekend. There was also a tiny logistical problem around 2 a.m. with 200 shuttle buses that were supposed to take 50,000 festival attendees back to Miami. This left people looking for another way back. That other way was a 3 mile hike over the Rickenbacker Causeway to Miami. Something I’m sure is really fun to do when you’re coming down from whatever drugs you’re on.

Vengeful EDM gods even set fire to a palm tree as some non-PLUR harbinger.

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