YouTuber Shane Dawson, Who Definitely Didn’t F**k His Cat, Is Engaged

A few days ago, YouTuber Shane Dawson made the best tweet of all time. We don’t need Twitter anymore, because no one is ever going to top this. If you haven’t seen the tweet yet, you’re going to think I’m hyping it up to much but I assure you I am not.

Really it’s the (1/?) at the end that makes the tweet. It’s saying “I don’t know how many tweets it’s going to take me to publicly deny that I fucked my cat, so stay with me for this.” By the way, the best response to this is the “Sir, this is a McDonald’s drive-through” meme which I’m sure about a thousand people did on Twitter immediately after he made this tweet.

There were a couple of other really good replies, though.

That’s okay, but this is the best one. This is the master class.

If you’re wondering where this whole thing came from, Shane once made a joke about coming on his cat on a podcast. We’ve just raised a generation of morons who can’t parse comments to tell when someone is saying something gross just to be gross and assumed that Shane was 100% serious and that James Gunn is a pedophile because they weren’t on Twitter in the days of the manual retweet.

Anyway, Shane has put the whole cat-fucking thing behind him, even though he’s never going to live that s**t down if he’s 90 years old and cures cancer. But I’m happy to announce Shane is now engaged to his long-time boyfriend, Mr. Beans. No, I’m kidding, his boyfriend is Ryland Adams and it’s really cute but do you see how he’s never going to live that down?

See, it’s cute, they’re cute together.

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