Alyssa Milano Surprisingly Cool With Joe Biden’s Creepy Head Kissing

Yesterday was April Fools day, and we had some fun with the news because of it. Our joke article on Joe Biden pointed out a potential problem for presidential hopeful Joe Biden, though; he’s a huge creep. He’s not sexually assaulting anyone, but he’s just so weird and creepy with women.

Writer Andi Zeisler pointed out one of the many things wrong with this; he doesn’t treat men that way. He was never smelling Barack Obama’s hair or kissing the back of Mitch McConnell’s head.

You know who surprisingly didn’t have a problem with this? #metoo leader Alyssa Milano.

It turns out that being billed fourth on Who’s the Boss doesn’t actually qualify you to responsibly lead a social movement, something Twitter noted right away.

It’s not too much to expect a little consistency here. I agree that Joe Biden isn’t the same as Harvey Weinstein or Bill Cosby. If he was on a TV show or he worked at a Jiffy Lube, it isn’t something I would think he should lose his job over. He’s not even an elected official at the moment, though, he’s one of like a dozen Democrats running for the nomination, and he’s not even officially running. Pick someone who isn’t featured smelling women’s hair in reels and reels of video.

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