Bill Cosby is Trying To Get Released From Prison on Bail

Bill Cosby really doesn’t want to die in prison. To that end, he’s trying every legal maneuver he and his lawyers can think of to get him out while he goes through the appeals process, presumably to try and run out the clock. It’s not a terrible idea if you’re Bill Cosby, honestly, he’s no spring chicken.

His current strategy is basically trying to say that the judge has it in for him and is dragging his feet in releasing an opinion on the case that is required before his appeal can begin. Via ABC:

The attorneys claim O’Neill had a “longstanding personal and political feud” with former Montgomery County District Attorney Bruce Castor. Cosby’s defense considers Castor a key witness since Castor originally declined to prosecute Cosby back in 2005. O’Neill and Castor had run against each other for Montgomery County district attorney in 1999.

The application also argues that Cosby is not a danger to the community because of his advanced age and blindness.

They do have a point with last one, his raping days are behind him pretty much no matter what. He also called the judge a racist, but that wasn’t part of his legal strategy, just trying to get the public on his side.

The appeals process can take years, and who knows how much longer Cosby is planning on living. It can’t be that long, right? But I’m pretty sure the second he’s out of jail he and Mortimer Ichabod Marker are going to hop in a private plane and fly off to some private island where rape is legal and there’s no extradition treaty.

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