Brooke Burke is Still Getting Naked Post-Playboy

When she was younger, Brooke Burke was a Playboy model and we’ve always been big fans. Now she’s very nearly 50 but she’s still gorgeous. And to prove it, she’s posting naked pictures on Instagram.

Wow. You know, she said it took courage to post this, and Amy Schumer had a joke in her newest stand-up special that the one thing you don’t want to be called when you take a nude photograph is “brave”. I don’t think that’s the word anyone is going to use for Brooke here, though.

I gotta get my girlfriend some cherry tomatoes while she’s still in her 20s.

She does a lot of ads, but damn.

Her Instagram is seriously like one of those specials where it’s all commercials but they have boobs in them.

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5 years ago

Would hit that so hard it would knock us both out. Damn.