Cardi B Still Hates Nicki Minaj, Still Loves Bernie Sanders

It’s no secret that Cardi B and Nicki Minaj hate each other. You know, Cardi is mad Nicki insulted her parenting ability and Nicki is mad that Cardi has talent.

Well, a Variety reporter asked Cardi if she might make up with Nicki anytime soon, and Cardi just laughed in his face.

But Cardi B does like people, too. Specifically, she still really likes Bernie Sanders.

This isn’t really a surprise given that she gave him a ringing five word endorsement in 2016.

Cardi has always been pretty political, like when she threatened to dog walk Fox News Real Doll Tomi Lahren.

How great is that? Now I just want to see Cardi get a piece of Sarah Palin or like, knock Beto O’Rourke off of whatever table he’s standing on in a diner in Iowa.

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