China Has Made Something as Wholesome as Sex Robots Horrifying

China is becoming the powerhouse of the global economy, not just in manufacturing but in development. And their efficient communist engineers have managed to make the world’s most horrifying sex robot. Words don’t even do it justice, you need to see it.

What person in the world who is uncomfortable with masturbating is going to be okay with sticking their dick inside a Dalek?

This thing is going to rip someone’s cock off.

Personally, when I get my sex robot, I want one of those motorized real dolls that all the feminists are whining about on Tumblr, not this piece of farm equipment. But if you want one, you can buy one on AliBaba.

First of all, six thousand dollars for that seems high, especially when you consider the years of therapy you’re going to require after you have sex with it. Let’s hear about the features.

(1)The device can simulate the environment of women’s vagina which makes the patient feel comfortable in the process of collecting semen.

(2)Provide a full range of visual, auditory and olfaction stimulation

(3)Exclusive semen-collection sheath can eliminate contamination of semen

(4)All-round isolation measures to prevent cross-infection

(5)All-round air bags make semen-collection true experience.

(6)Good human-machine interface and easy to operate

(7)Support SD CARD,USD external expansion

Okay, for starters, that says “olfaction stimulation” and that means smells and I don’t want this thing shooting pussy smells at me while I’m having my dick milked by the Forbidden Planet robot. But why would I possibly want to connect a USB device to this thing? That is just asking to have some spy use a flash drive to infect this thing with malware that changes the setting from “blowjob” to “castrate.” No thank you, China, I’m on to you.

And at least slap some tits on that thing.

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