Florida Man Gets Ass Kicked by the Easter Bunny

Easter is a super religious holiday, which means there aren’t a lot of Easter movies that aren’t religious. Basically the only one is Life of Brian, which is religious but in a mocking way. Other than that there’s an Easter dinner scene in Annie Hall and then there’s one of my favorite movies from my teen years, Mallrats. I don’t know exactly when Mallrats is supposed to take place other than the day before Clerks, but it’s also only a few days before Easter. How do I know this? Because Jay and Silent Bob beat down the Easter Bunny.

The idea of the Easter Bunny being in a fight is hilarious and the sort of thing that could only happen in one of Kevin Smith’s films. Or, you know, Florida.

I’m pretty sure the Easter Bunny is the hero here, because I think the dude whose ass he kicked was drunk and fighting with a lady. Also he’s Floridian, so there’s that. Actually, mr_mosthated21 on Instagram, who took the video, says the guy got his ass kicked because he spit on that woman, so maybe he’s also racist?

Whatever the story here, it’s clear the dude who got his ass kicked by the Easter Bunny had it coming, which I never thought I’d say, so thanks for that Florida, I’m glad Bugs Bunny didn’t cut you off and push you into the sea now.

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