Good News, Pervs, You Can Now Rent Kim Kardashian’s Bikini

Very high on the list of jobs I don’t want to have is “guy who washes Kim Kardashian’s old bikinis after they’ve been rented out.” But someone is going to have that job because you can now rent, yes rent, the bikini Kim Kardashian wore in this iconic photo.

I mean, that’s a look.

First, the bad news; it’s just the same style bikini Kim wore, not the same bikini, according to Cosmo.

But there’s absolutely no chance this thing is coming back without multiple people’s bodily fluids on it. Can a washing machine get pregnant? Some clerk at El Cycer is about to find out. I wonder if the Maytag repairman does washing machine abortions. He has all that free time, after all.

Can we rent any of Kim’s other outfits? I don’t wear a lot of dresses, but I do have a pretty fat ass, so it might be useful information.

Does renting a bikini seem really weird to anyone else, though? Seriously. I get renting a tuxedo because at no point when I’m wearing a tuxedo is it wedged inside of my ass and grinding against my vagina. I don’t even have a vagina. But if I did, i wouldn’t put a lot of rented clothes on it.

Is this a normal thing? Am I the weird one? Am I losing a potential revenue stream by not renting out my boxers?

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